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1800800 Real photos website showing only real pictures of elite VIP girls. Here you will find the site 's picture galleries of charming women who are willing to meet with you today . All you need to do is sign in, select the actual images of some girl and invite her to your home or to a hotel. All the girls that are displayed on the site are available most of the day and ready to give you the VIP service you deserve . For our girls the application of the customer is the most important and reliable service is the most important thing for us. So do not wait another minute. Enter the site and you will see the real pictures of the girls to choose who you spend the time with.
** Please note - the site does not imply and / or provide and / or advertise sex services !!!
This site provides escort services for dating, parties, events, restaurants, company and recreation (without sex) A site designed for dating, massage services and escort services without sex. The site is subject to the Israeli Law, which prohibits publication of prostitution services and other state laws. Anyone who violates the laws of the state will be punished according to the severity of the law. Warning: Illegal advertisements will be removed immediately from the site and no refund funds will be refunded
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