Ancient escort girls – A history lesson for the naughty intellectuals

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Escort girls the history that was written with lecherous blood

This piece of invaluable information is about the most lustiest history of escort girls, escort services & escort in general, and it was all written in blood and then mix with simple ink.

So anyone who’s craving for some mysterious ancient knowledge of sexual stimulations of the past including knowing the name of the first escort girl in history ever documented… then keep reading determingly.

The first document that ever shows a lust thirsty escort girl is 3,000 years old & it’s the first book ever written by man in history.

There was a written a major story in the heart of the book about an curious escort girl name samha which spent 7 flaming hot sexual night with a hard working hunter in a small, dark cabin in the woods.

Hot escort services in ancient Egyp

What happened so exhilaratingly & passionately in ancient Egypt is difficult to be named as escort services due to the simple fact that they weren’t charging money, silver, gold or anything imaginable else for the services.

Kinds, prices & royalty members would exceptionally enjoy the divine miraculous sexual satisfaction unstoppably but no one would charge them a fee as for the kings command of course.

Naked escort girls in ancient Greece

Unlike Egypt in Greece the escort services we’re financially organized & legitimate as cannabis in Amsterdam.

The empire respected the services & even regulated it as if it was any other legal business to charge taxes & of course promise the highest quality possibly possible.