How to choose a girl from escort services

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Call Girl Melika

You are sitting in front of the website and looking at our escort services… there are ten’s of girls to choose from with hundreds of erotic pictures. there are a wide variety of girls – there are blondes, brunettes, younger girls and milfs.

some of the girls are taller like models, and some are more compact, most of the escorts are slim but some of them a little more chubby. the tits on some of the girls are huge sometimes look like a work of art, in other cases they have small and cute tits.

Their eyes vary from blonde to brown and black eyes, some of them have big beautiful eyes and some have slanted eyes. the escort’s butt is also important, some escorts have big butts, some have round butts, and some cute tiny asses.

Each girl can provide different services ranging from erotic oil massage to oral sex without a condom, deep oral sex, and also some kinky BDSM and lesbian sex. in some cases they are bi-sexual and can do it with males and female, preferably in hot orgy.

There are some girls who are less liberal in bed and don’t provide everything but they are still hot in bed nonetheless.

A picture is worth a thousand words so first thing is to look at the girls from every angle and to take a pick at her beautiful eyes, at her gorgeous hair, her full tits and round ass. if there is a chemistry between two of you, you can feel it immediately and now its to time to call her.

In less than an hour the girl can be in you arms and you can start to play with her body and kiss her passionately. all the girls provide oral sex so her lips are also very important, some girls have particularly fat lips.

The most important thing is not to hesitate too much because time is money, and your time is very valuable…. if you see a girl that you like you need to aim and shoot fast or otherwise she’ll be taken by somebody else.

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