The forceful dominating control in the gentle hands of the escort girl

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Call Girl Jeanne

Escort girl sets the rules, the limits & the lines

You can look on escort girls just like on businesswomen when in the end she sets all the rules of the games and selects who’s even allowed in the game.

Escort girls aren’t choosey but if someone comes along and he seems untrustworthy she can easily turn him down without even blinking twice.

Additionally they pick the kind of escort service they are willing to grant and if it’s something they dislike then they refuse unhesitatingly.

Escort girls determines the price

Escort girls just like a businessman offer a product and they select the price they offer for the services when if it doesn’t fit someone, then he’ll need to go somewhere else.

A private escort girl for example decided if to charge by the hour, by reaching the climax or by the escort services she’s willing to provide.

In the end she can raise the price as high as she wants or lower it as low as she want if someone were to bargain with her.

Escort girls sets the time

Also the schedule is in the hands of the escort girl when she exclusively decides on which days to work, on which not to & of course how many hours to work per day.

So in other words she can take a break or even a small vacation whenever she feels like, giving her the chance to live a rich life without having to answer to her boss or anyone else, she’s free like a bird.