Warning escort girls German condoms only

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Call Girl Malika

Before taking out your wallet from your pocket and counting the bills for the generous escort services first search for the funny yellow plastic that will ensure you the day after and the days after that.

Escort girls within luxurious and exclusive escort services will usually go through professional medical tests and they will be sterilized as the surgical tool of a surgery doctor but other sexy sex kitten might not be so clean and shiny.

There are many serious reason to always use the yellow midget and escort girls too will make sure you’ll use them as a first rule before anything else, as a man I know how frustrating they are and how much you hate them and rather make new blond blue eyed babies instead of putting them own but simultaneously   know that it’s a risk you don’t want to take.

Escort girls won’t always be honest with you and if they want to buy that new product they’ve been dreaming and fantasizing about they’re going to tell you that they’ve just done the testing this morning and as much you’ll have the uncontrollable urge not to put the safe yellow body for a more exhilarating and breath taking experience, stop and hold the wheel tighter because there are rules for this road.

Escort girls as much as they are tempting and teasing and as much as they are seductive, take into consideration and account that they are realizing the wildest and the most naughtiest fantasies of gentlemen as a living and in your most insane and wildest fantasies you wouldn’t dare to dream about where they’ve been and what they’ve done so it’s best to put the rain coat with it’s winter.

If you don’t want you little one falling of and starting to talk to you in Chinese put the damn yellow rain coat and enjoy the experience as much as you can because I’m sure that you wouldn’t want to hear a phone call from an escort girl after nine months telling you she named him after her barber.

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